Proper Credit Control Reduces Your Debtors And Your Stress
Proper Credit Control

They say Cash Is King and they are not wrong! History is littered with stories about debts that were not properly collected when they were due that subsequently turned into bad debts or disappeared completely when the debtor’s business went south!

Unfortunately many businesses wait until they have a problem before they attempt to sort out their credit control and it is often too late at this stage to ensure all outstanding debts are recovered.

So it is essential for any good business to ensure they have great Credit Control BEFORE anything goes wrong. In fact, the real solution is to start your credit control on the day the invoice is raised so it never becomes overdue and, at the end of your financial year, you’ll have more money in your bank account!

CJ Bookkeeping are experts in credit control and, in particular, working with Xero™, their clients can easily see the real-time live status of their debtors from the click of a button. By staying on top of the credit control process, you will alerted to potential problems with slow payers and be in a proactive position to create a tailored solution for that individual client. You might decide, for example, that this particular client pays in smaller but more regular amounts, which may in fact better suit both parties.

There are also amazing software integrations with Xero™ where you can auto send your invoices, reminders and link these to your appointment diaries etc.

However, Clare and her team will also make sure that you don’t fall into the trap of assuming that your sophisticated reminder systems will do the job for you. As far as they are concerned, the credit control job doesn’t end until the outstanding monies are in their clients’ bank accounts.

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