Providing White-Labelled Payroll Services For Cypher Accountants
Cypher Digital Accountancy

One of our core services at CJ Bookkeeping is our payroll service and, as well as providing this service for many end clients, we also white label our payroll services for accountancy firms.

A good example of this service is our relationship with Matt Williams at Cypher, one of the newest and most exciting accountancy practices in Oxfordshire. Matt is a highly regarded accountant who worked for a large local firm for many years before recently setting up his own practice.

Matt instantly attracted a lot of clients, particularly in the digital and online worlds, and within months had over 100 clients on his books. Providing the traditional accountancy services meant that he had no bandwidth left to offer payroll services to this client base without significant staff increases.

Fortunately he already knew CJ Bookkeeping and liked and trusted Clare Haynes and so her white label payroll service was very appealing. CJ Bookkeeping already have the software and staff in place to scale up payroll activities across their own clients and for other accountancy partners and already manage weekly, fortnightly, and monthly payroll runs on a regular basis. They are also set up to deal with the complications of auto-enrolment and knowing exactly when an employee will become eligible for their legal pension entitlement.

This is truly a white-labelled service. When clients ask Cypher to manage their payroll, they correspond with Clare’s team directly and emails when necessary are sent from the accountants payroll email address. As far as the client is concerned, they are simply working with the payroll department at the accountancy firm.

Matt Williams comments:

“I’ve worked with Clare and her team for many years so it was an obvious choice to ask her to provide the payroll service for Cypher’s clients. We are able to provide another excellent service to our growing customer base and Clare’s team handle this aspect of our business for us – And they do it really well! So, everybody wins.”

Our Payroll For Accountants service is perfect for accountancy firms who don’t currently have a payroll solution to offer to their clients or even to replace an existing payroll solution that may not be working as well as you would like.

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