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At CJ Bookkeeping, we ensure that you have the financial knowledge required for making business critical decisions. We help you to move your business into the new digital age, so your business will benefit from the new levels of financial visibility and efficiency this brings.

We provide bookkeeping services. However, this is not just processing day-to-day transactions, VAT returns, and getting the compliance work done and submitted on time. We ensure that we add value by helping you to know and understand your numbers so you can move your business in the right direction.

We also offer comprehensive payroll solutions both for our own clients and also as a white-labelled payroll bureau service for accountancy practices to offer to their customers.

When taking over the bookkeeping activities for an existing business, we have often found that there are quick wins to be had by simplifying and improving their current financial processes and bringing them into the digital age. We have, therefore, launched our Operational Procedure Review service where we will analyse all of your financial processes and suggest improvements that will benefit your bottom line.

We don’t just process the figures you give us. Our considerable experience means that we know the right questions to ask you to ensure we can see the complete view of your business and therefore provide you with the full financial support that you need. At CJ Bookkeeping, we have already benefited from moving our own business into the digital age and this has made us really passionate about helping you to do the same.

We work with you as your partner, as part of your team, to help you improve your business. By moving into the digital age, updating your processes, and having better visibility and a clearer understanding of your key numbers, you will make better business decisions and your business will thrive.  

For a business partner, who will ensure you have better financial visibility AND help you reap the rewards that this knowledge will bring, call CJ Bookkeeping on 01327 262453.


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